Dive the best of Komodo with an amazing budget Liveaboard.
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Experience the wonders of Indonesia like never before with the renowned Shenron liveaboard. Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Sulawesi as you embark on a journey to explore the finest “faraway waters” of the Indonesian archipelago, all while respecting and preserving the beauty of nature. At Shenron, we believe that diving should be accessible to everyone, and with our premium liveaboard, you can expect a truly unique and unforgettable adventure.

Unveiling the Beauty of the Phinisi:

Step aboard the Shenron, a charming wooden vessel crafted from the elegant ironwood, a traditional Indonesian classic known as a Phinisi. Designed specifically for exploring the majestic underwater world, this vessel exudes both grace and authenticity, setting the stage for an unparalleled diving experience for budget + traveller..

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Your Comfort is Our Priority:

During your liveaboard journey, we take care of all your needs and provide the utmost comfort. Our commitment to exquisite service sets Shenron apart from other dive liveaboards in its budget range. Relax and indulge in personalized services as we navigate the Indonesian waters with expert knowledge and care.

A Budget Phinisi Like No Other:

Inspired by the finest phinisis, we’ve customized the Shenron to reflect our unique touch and offering the best komodo liveaboard. Enjoy the fusion of traditional charm and modern comforts, including spacious cabins that immerse you in the local culture. Delight your taste buds in our indoor dining room, offering a blend of international and local cuisine. As diving experts, we provide the convenience of the only Nitrox filling station on board, equipped with a top-of-the-line filtration system for a Budget Liveaboard.

Unraveling the Golden Triangle of Marine Biodiversity:

Indonesia is the golden triangle of marine biodiversity, and our Shenron diving cruise will take you to Batu Bolong in Komodo, Hari Lolong in Alor, and other sites where you’ll encounter more species than in the entire Caribbean. Explore these underwater paradises in Komodo National Park, Alor, and the Banda Sea, and be mesmerized by the abundant marine life.

Discover the Diverse Destinations:

Shenron sails to the most breathtaking diving sites in Indonesia, an archipelago boasting over 17,000 islands and diverse sub-climates. With our deep expertise, we carefully select the right destinations, perfectly matched with the ideal season, ensuring an enriching experience for every diver.

Komodo and East Flores: An Unmissable Destination:

From April to November, our komodo liveaboard diving cruise takes you to Komodo and East Flores, where you’ll be captivated by crystal-clear waters, pink beaches, and well-preserved coral reefs. Dive alongside the majestic marine life and immerse yourself in the natural wonders of this pristine region.

Embark on the Journey of a Lifetime:

Join us aboard the Shenron liveaboard and embark on an extraordinary diving adventure that will take you to some of Indonesia’s most spectacular spots. Traverse stunning landscapes, dive into teeming waters, explore deserted islands, and immerse yourself in the cultures of local tribes. Discover the allure of Indonesia with our tailor-made cruise experience.


Welcome Aboard Shenron Liveaboard – Where Dreams Become Reality!

Facility Features

Tailor-Made Itineraries for Unforgettable Experiences:

With Shenron, every dive cruise destination is carefully curated to offer you the perfect blend of adventure, discovery, and escape. From Komodo National Park West and East in May to October with unique dive sites, Alor and the Banda Sea in November and May, you’ll experience the wonders of Indonesia like never before.

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DIVESTYPEDeparture DateArrival DatePrivate Room
Per pax Euro
Private Single Occupancy Per pax Euro
5D/4N CentralLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoMonday 13 November 2023Friday 17 November 20231,511€2,266€
5D/4N SOUTHLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoMonday 27 November 2023Friday 1 December 20231,511€2,266€
7D/6N SOUTHLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoMonday 11 December 2023Sunday 17 December 20232,115€3,172€
5D/4N SOUTHLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoMonday 25 December 2023Friday 29 December 20231,511€2,266€
7D/6N SOUTHLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoMonday 8 January 2024Sunday 14 January 20242,115€3,172€
5D/4N SOUTHLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoMonday 22 January 2024Friday 26 January 20241,511€2,266€
7D/6N SOUTHLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoMonday 5 February 2024Sunday 11 February 20242,115€3,172€
5D/4N SOUTHLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoMonday 19 February 2024Friday 23 February 20241,511€2,266€
7D/6N SOUTHLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoMonday 4 March 2024Sunday 10 March 20242,115€3,172€
5D/4N SOUTHLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoMonday 18 March 2024Friday 22 March 20241,511€2,266€
8D/7NLabuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo (Bima)Monday 1 April 2024Monday 8 April 20242,417€3,625€
8D/7NLabuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo (Bima)Monday 15 April 2024Monday 22 April 20242,417€3,625€
13D/12NLabuan Bajo/AlorMonday 29 April 2024Saturday 11 May 20243,927€5,891€
13D/12NAlor/Labuan BajoTuesday 14 May 2024Sunday 26 May 20243,927€5,891€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoWednesday 29 May 2024Sunday 2 June 20241,511€2,266€
8D/7NLabuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo (Bima)Wednesday 12 June 2024Wednesday 19 June 20242,417€3,625€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoTuesday 25 June 2024Saturday 29 June 20241,511€2,266€
8D/7NLabuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo (Bima)Tuesday 9 July 2024Tuesday 16 July 20242,417€3,625€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoFriday 19 July 2024Tuesday 23 July 20241,511€2,266€
8D/7NLabuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo (Bima)Monday 29 July 2024Monday 5 August 20242,417€3,625€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoThursday 8 August 2024Monday 12 August 20241,511€2,266€
8D/7NLabuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo (Bima)Friday 23 August 2024Friday 30 August 20242,417€3,625€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoFriday 6 September 2024Tuesday 10 September 20241,511€2,266€
8D/7NLabuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo (Bima)Friday 13 September 2024Friday 20 September 20242,417€3,625€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoMonday 23 September 2024Friday 27 September 20241,511€2,266€
8D/7NLabuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo (Bima)Monday 30 September 2024Monday 7 October 20242,417€3,625€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoThursday 10 October 2024Monday 14 October 20241,511€2,266€
8D/7NLabuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo (Bima)Thursday 17 October 2024Thursday 24 October 20242,417€3,625€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoSunday 27 October 2024Thursday 31 October 20241,511€2,266€
8D/7NLabuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo (Bima)Sunday 3 November 2024Sunday 10 November 20242,417€3,625€
13D/12NLabuan Bajo/AlorFriday 15 November 2024Wednesday 27 November 20243,927€5,891€
13D/12NAlor/Labuan BajoSaturday 30 November 2024Thursday 12 December 20243,927€5,891€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoSunday 15 December 2024Thursday 19 December 20241,511€2,266€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoSunday 22 December 2024Thursday 26 December 20241,511€2,266€
7D/6N SOUTHLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoWednesday 1 January 2025Tuesday 7 January 20252,115€3,172€
5D/4N SOUTHLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoSaturday 11 January 2025Wednesday 15 January 20251,511€2,266€


A liveaboard diving trip is a unique and immersive experience where divers stay on a specially equipped vessel for multiple days, exploring remote and breathtaking dive sites. Unlike day trips, liveaboards allow divers to access more distant locations and spend more time underwater, maximizing their diving opportunities.

  • Access to remote dive sites: Liveaboards can reach secluded areas with pristine marine life, untouched by day-trip divers.
  • More dives per day: With no need to return to shore, liveaboards often offer multiple dives daily, providing more time to explore the underwater world.
  • Enhanced comfort: Onboard amenities, spacious cabins, and delicious meals make the diving experience comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Immersive experience: Living on the boat creates a sense of camaraderie among divers, fostering lasting friendships and memorable experiences.

For Shenron Liveaboard diving trips, we require divers to hold an Advanced Open Water Diver certification or equivalent and a minimum number of 50 logged dives.

Pack essentials for our Shenron liveaboard trip, including:

  • Diving gear: Bring your dive computer, mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit 3 or 5 mm, and regulators. 
  • Clothing: Casual and comfortable attire for onboard activities and a light jacket for cooler evenings.
  • Toiletries: Personal items, BIO and Reef sunscreen.
  • Travel documents: Passport, dive certification card, and any required permits for specific dive sites.
  • Camera: Don’t forget to bring your camera housing and all the equipment for incredible memories.